Dear Valued Customer, 

You have reached my personal sports consulting brand. I am passionate about global technology development and the impact of socio-technical systems in the sports industry. I enjoy helping sports businesses implement short term strategic projects and manage long term innovative programs.

I have a broad network of talent available for projects that create clear value. I am available for direct hire negotiations, however, I prefer to engage business to business as a consultant. Feel free to contact me about these topics:

  • Speaking Opportunities

  • Accelerator Mentorships

  • Sports Innovation Discussions

  • Sports-Focused Economic Development

  • Technology Development or Procurement

Take note that I am not an investor and do not represent products. Please use the calendar booking engine in the right hand margin. If you require my attention for a different topic or longer period of time, please fill out the form below. I'll respond quickly.

Have a wonderful week!